March 20, 2023

Today’s Rajasthan High Court ruling in the PMLA case in which Vadra’s mother was questioned.


The Rajasthan High Court today ruled in the PMLA case in which Vadra’s mother was questioned. This is a major victory for Vadra and his family, as the High Court has ruled that the questioning of Vadra’s mother was illegal and that she should not have been detained by the authorities. This is a major setback for the authorities, who were hoping to use Vadra’s mother as a way to get to Vadra himself. The High Court’s ruling is a major blow to the authorities’ case against Vadra, and it is likely that they will now have to drop the case entirely.

ED has registered an enforcement case information report (ECIR) in the alleged Bikaner land scam. The probe is related to the purchase of 275 bighas of land allegedly by Robert Vadra’s Sky Light Hospitality. Both Vadra and his mother Maureen Vadra have been granted interim bail.

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