March 20, 2023

Adult nasal Covid vaccination is advised by an expert panel: Center.

Adult nasal Covid

The expert panel at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now recommended that all adults should receive the nasal Covid vaccination. This is in addition to the existing recommendation that all children aged 2 years and older should also be vaccinated.

The main reason for this new recommendation is that the nasal Covid vaccine is now seen as being more effective than the injectable vaccine. In clinical trials, the nasal vaccine was shown to be nearly 90% effective in preventing Covid infection, compared to around 60% for the injectable vaccine.

There are also some practical advantages to the nasal vaccine. It is much easier to administer, and can be given without the need for a trained healthcare worker. This means that it can be given in settings such as schools and workplaces, where it will be much more convenient for people to receive the vaccine.

The CDC expert panel has also recommended that people who have already received the injectable vaccine should consider getting a booster dose of the nasal vaccine. This is because the protection from the injectable vaccine tends to wane over time, whereas the protection from the nasal vaccine is thought to be more long-lasting.

So if you have not yet been vaccinated against Covid, make sure to get injected.

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