March 26, 2023

BJP leader posts video message for former Bihar minister: “Go to Pakistan with family.”

BJP leader

In a video message that is being widely circulated on social media, a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can be heard telling a former Bihar minister to “go to Pakistan with his family.” The leader, who has not been identified, is heard making the remark in Hindi while addressing a gathering.

The video was apparently shot during the recent by-elections in Bihar, in which the BJP suffered a major setback. The party had fielded a candidate against the former minister, who is now with the ruling Janata Dal (United), in one of the seats.

The BJP leader’s remark has sparked outrage, with many people calling for action to be taken against him. The party, meanwhile, has distanced itself from the leader’s comments, saying that they do not reflect its official stance.

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