March 27, 2023

China quickly edits reports in order to conceal the increase of Covid cases

Covid cases

As the Covid pandemic continues to surge in China, the Chinese government is doing everything they can to conceal the true extent of the outbreak. Chinese state media outlets have been quick to edit reports in order to downplay the increase in cases. The Chinese government has also been accused of censoring social media posts and deleting any content that paints the country in a negative light.

This is extremely concerning, as it means that the world is not getting accurate information about the true state of the pandemic in China. This could have devastating consequences, as it could lead to other countries being caught off guard if the virus were to spread further. It is essential that we have accurate information about the pandemic in order to be able to effectively contain it.

The Chinese government needs to be transparent about the extent of the outbreak in their country, and they need to allow for free and open communication about the virus. Only then can we hope to effectively contain the pandemic and protect people around the world.

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