March 31, 2023

CSK CEO Kasi Viswanath discusses MS Dhoni’s response to Ben Stokes’ addition and breaks his quiet over the IPL 2023 captaincy .

Kasi Viswanath

Kasi Viswanath, the CEO of Chennai Super Kings, has opened up about MS Dhoni’s reaction to the addition of Ben Stokes to the team. He also broke his silence on the IPL 2023 captaincy.

Viswanath said that Dhoni was very happy to have Stokes in the team and that he is a big fan of the all-rounder. He also said that Dhoni is looking forward to playing with him.

As for the captaincy, Viswanath said that the decision will be made closer to the IPL 2023 season. He also said that Dhoni is the most likely candidate to lead the team, but nothing has been decided yet.

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