March 29, 2023

Through the Food Security Act, the centre approves free rations for the needy until December 23.

free rations

The centre has approved free rations for the needy under the Food Security Act until December 23. This will provide some relief to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

About 813 million poor in India will be provided with free ration for a year, the government has announced.

The government has scrapped a temporary relief measure that provided 5kg per person per month additional free dry ration from April 2020 to December 31 this year. The move will raise the Centre’s annual food subsidy bill by ₹2 lakh crore, minister Piyush Goyal said.

PM Narendra Modi’s “sensitive personality” led to free food grains for the poor immediately after the Covid-19 pandemic, he said.

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