March 26, 2023

US encourages Putin to continue “acknowledging reality” in Ukraine following “war” allusion


The United States has encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to continue “acknowledging reality” in Ukraine following an allusion to war.

In an interview with Russian state television on Thursday, Putin was asked whether he would consider using military force in Ukraine if the current peace negotiations fail.

“We certainly hope that it won’t come to that,” Putin said. “But if the current Kiev authorities continue their course toward ruining Ukraine, I don’t exclude the possibility.”

The US State Department responded by saying that it “encourages President Putin to focus on de-escalating the conflict” and “acknowledging reality” by withdrawing Russian troops from Ukraine.

“We’ve seen reports of the interview, and I would simply echo what we’ve said many times, which is that we encourage President Putin to focus on de-escalating the conflict, withdrawing Russian troops that are illegally inside of Ukraine, and acknowledging reality, which is that Ukraine is a sovereign, independent country,” State Department spokesperson John Kirby said.

The Kremlin has long denied that Russian troops are operating in Ukraine, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The conflict in Ukraine began in 2014 when Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula and began supporting pro-Russian separatists

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