March 29, 2023

Regarding the safety of Kashmiri Pandits, the GNA’s suggestion and the most recent news

Kashmiri Pandits

That the Jammu and Kashmir state government has banned public gatherings in Srinagar, the safety of Kashmiri Pandits has been a hot topic of discussion ever since the GNA made the suggestion that Jammu was not safe for them. The most recent news that the Jammu and Kashmir state government has banned public gatherings in Srinagar has only added fuel to the fire. There is no doubt that the situation in Kashmir is volatile and dangerous. The question is, should the Kashmiri Pandits go back to their homeland?

There are pros and cons to this decision. On the one hand, it is their homeland and they have a right to live there in peace. On the other hand, the situation is so dangerous that it is hard to see how they could be safe there. The state government’s decision to ban public gatherings shows that they are concerned about the potential for violence. It is a difficult decision for the Kashmiri Pandits to make.

Whatever decision they make, it is important that they do what is best for their safety. The situation in Kashmir is unpredictable and dangerous. It is important that they make the decision that will keep them safe.

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