March 20, 2023

Haryana minister on the use of speakers in mosques and temples for the welfare of children

Haryana minister

The Haryana government recently called for announcements by temples and mosques to wake students up early in the morning. Education minister Kanwar Pal Gujjar said it will help children in terms of health and education. The state government’s directive asked religious places to wake up students using loudspeakers.

Gujjar said there is nothing wrong in announcements from religious places to wake up children in the morning. He said getting up early for studies sharpens the mind and benefits health and education of children. Gujjar: If society and parents cooperate, children will surely study well.

Parents in Haryana have been asked to send their children to school at 4.30am to use early morning time for preparing for exams. Former education minister Geeta Bhukkal said the directive has been issued to divert attention from the crumbling education system of the state.

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