March 27, 2023

Ramiz describes horrifying events that occurred after leaving the PCB; “jaise FIA ka chapa par gaya”


Ramiz Raja was sacked from his position as Pakistan Cricket Board chief. He was replaced by Najam Sethi, who will be in charge for the next four months. A 14-member committee has been appointed to run the country’s sports for the time being.

Raja took to social media to unravel the mystery behind his sudden exit. He also had a dig at Sethi and revealed ill-treatment, which followed his ouster.

Mera saman bhi nahi lene diya inlogo ne. Subah yeh 9 baje, 17 bande dhandate fir rahe they cricket board mein. Jaise ki koi FIA ka chapa par gaya. They didn’t even let me take my stuff.

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