March 29, 2023

As severe fog surrounds Delhi, 100 planes are delayed and two are diverted.


At least 100 flights were delayed and two were diverted at Delhi’s India Gandhi International Airport due to dense fog. Visibility dropped to less than 200 metres in the early hours of Tuesday morning, visibility dropped to below 100 metres for the first time this season. SpiceJet flight at around 11:45 pm and an IndiGo flight at 2:15 am were both diverted.

The ATC guided both flights to the nearest airport, which is also an international airport, officials said.

Low visibility is the period when visibility dips below 800 metres. During this period, CAT-I procedures are in place, which is the most basic set of precautions to guide pilots in landing. During LVP, only flights and pilots that are CAT-II compliant are allowed to land.

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