March 29, 2023

IndiGo employees are shown in a viral video “throwing” a musical instrument.

Many people reacted on Bismil’s social media post saying that he should have brought the instrument with him instead of leaving it in the suitcase as many artists and performers condemned how the IndiGo employees handled the musical instrument as seen in the video.

Sufi artist Bismil uploaded a video of an IndiGo employee “dumping” his musical instrument into the luggage on his Instagram account. He wrote that it is heartbreaking how the musical instruments are treated by airline staff. The airline is currently under fire for a cabin service member engaging into a heated dispute with a passenger on an Istanbul-Delhi aircraft when the footage is released.

Two boxes of musical instruments are seen being thrown inside the cargo by an IndiGostaff member in the video. The personnel also made sure that the bag did not fall off the cargo after placing the second box.

“IndiGo treats our instruments in this manner. For any artist, their instruments are their most prized possession, so it makes me very sad to see Indigo discarding them like trash “the performer published.

“We genuinely requested that they handle the instruments with care and paid an additional 30K for our additional luggage. Please use caution when giving your bags to IngiGo, my fellow musicians “said the singer.

According to reports, Indigo released a statement pledging to look into the situation. The airline also confirmed that the musical instrument had not been reported damaged. However, the airline claimed that the viral video did not accurately reflect the excellent standards it maintains for its luggage handling operation.

This video sparked a discussion over whether this is how all luggage is handled by airlines, similar to the discussion sparked by the earlier footage of the dispute. The singer’s concern was justified, one social media user said, but the staff is under a lot of pressure because they lift numerous bags like these throughout the day and night. And we can always take our possessions to the cabin with us for instruments or critical goods, the comment read.

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