March 29, 2023

In a talk with Rahul, Kamal Haasan quotes Gandhi as saying, “Hatred is blindness.”

Kamal Haasan

This is a powerful quote that really speaks to the heart of what Gandhi was all about. He was a man who believed in love and compassion above all else, and he saw hatred as something that blinded people to the truth. In a world where there is so much hatred, it’s important to remember Gandhi’s words and try to live by them.

Kamal Haasan was seen in conversation with Rahul Gandhi during the Delhi-leg of Bharat Jodo Yatra. The actor-politician was thanked by the Congress MP for joining the Yatra and said he felt it was his ‘duty’ to speak out.

Kamal Haasan talked about discovering Mahatma Gandhi at the age of 24-25. He said Rahul Gandhi’s “hatred is actually blindness and misunderstanding”, he said. Haasan: “And the worst form of hatred is assassination, that’s why I made Hey Ram”.

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