March 31, 2023

J&K killings: bandh called, relatives reject cremation

J&K killings

The killings of three civilians in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district has led to protests and a shutdown in the area. The family members of the deceased have rejected the police’s version of events and have refused to cremate the bodies. A bandh has been called in the district to protest the killings.

The demonstrators criticised the transfer of senior police superintendent Mohammad Aslam and deputy magistrate Vikas Kundal as well as the security forces’ and intelligence services’ failure to stop terrorism in the area.

Six people were hurt when unidentified armed individuals in a suspected terrorist attack opened fire on Deepak Kumar, 23, Satish Kumar, 45, Pritam Lal, 56, and Shiv Pal, 32, killing them all.

Residents and family members of the four persons killed in a targeted attack at Dhangri in Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), on Sunday went on the streets in a fury, demanding the safety of the minority.

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