March 31, 2023

News about the coronavirus LIVE: Despite cold and a rise in cases, some individuals in important Chinese cities resume daily activities

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Despite the cold weather and a rise in coronavirus cases, some individuals in important Chinese cities are resuming their daily activities.

Many people are wearing masks and taking other precautions, but some are still going about their lives as usual.

The virus has caused widespread panic and disruption, but it is still unclear how dangerous it is.

Authorities are working to contain the outbreak, but not sure about the time it will take to bring the situation under control.

India and several other nations have increased their entry restrictions and security procedures as a result of the increase of Covid-19 cases in China. In a new advise issued last month, the Union Health Ministry instructed airports and all other country entrance sites to step up monitoring, conduct genome sequencing, and maintain vigilance. In this regard, a new recommendation was released that required RT-PCR testing for visitors from China and five other countries, as well as random sampling of 2% of all foreign travellers. In light of a recent, deadly outbreak in the Asian nation, many other nations, besides India, have enforced the same (Covid-19 test on arrival) entrance requirement on visitors from China. These additional countries include the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Japan, and Australia.

The health ministry has also tightened regulations across the nation, refocusing attention on Covid-acceptable conduct including wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping a physical distance. In order to assess their readiness for COVID-19, all hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country participated in a simulation drill last month, with Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya visiting Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. Additionally, the central government has instructed hospitals and clinics to guarantee that there is a sufficient supply of medical oxygen and beds.

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