March 31, 2023

Second terror attack in 12 hours leaves one youngster dead and five others injured in Rajouri, J&K.

Second terror attack

Another day, another terrorist attack. This time in Rajouri, J&K, which has seen its fair share of violence over the years. This latest attack has left one youngster dead and five others injured.

The question is, when will this violence end? When will the people of J&K be able to live in peace? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that will be anytime soon.

Near the residence of the first shooting event, there was a boom. Five people are hurt. One youngster died as a result of their wounds. another important. The media is asked to exercise caution. Another alleged IED has been seen, and it is being investigated. Mukesh Singh, an additional director general of police, declared, “Self with div com and IG CRPF reaching the spot.

After a suspected terror assault last evening that left four villagers dead and six injured, there has now been a second terror strike in the village in less than 12 hours.

According to eyewitnesses, the shooters arrived on the scene in the automobile and opened fire randomly before escaping. Deepak Kumar, Satish Kumar, Pritam Lal, and Shiv Pal were named as the deceased.

Pawan Kumar, Rohit Pandit, Saroj Bala, Sushil Kumar, Shub Sharma, and Urvashi Sharma were among those hurt.

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