March 28, 2023

Five Delhi hitters are out for ducks as Jaydev Unadkat goes wild with the 88-year-old Ranji Trophy opener, reducing the score to 10/7.

It was a wild day of Ranji Trophy action as Jaydev Unadkat went absolutely nuts with the 88-year-old Ranji Trophy opener. Unadkat was able to reduce the score to an astonishing 10/7, with five Delhi hitters out for ducks. This is an absolutely incredible feat and it will be interesting to see how Unadkat and Delhi fare in the rest of the Ranji Trophy.

Jaydev Unadkat became the first cricketer to pick up a hat-trick in the first over of a Ranji Trophy game. The Saurashtra captain’s international career has got a new lease of life with a stunning comeback against Bangladesh.

The previous quickest Ranji Trophy hat-trick belonged to Vinay Kumar who had completed the same in the span of first and third over.

Unadkat takes five-wicket haul in second over for 21st first-class career. Jonty Sidhu (4) and debutant Lakshay Thareja (1) were his victims in this over.

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