March 31, 2023

Woman dragged by automobile wasn’t riding a scooter alone, according to Delhi Police

On Sunday, a woman was dragged by an automobile while riding a scooter in Delhi. The woman, who has been identified as Anjali Singh, was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. According to the Delhi Police, the woman was not riding the scooter alone and they are investigating the incident.

A 20-year-old woman died after she was dragged by a car for nearly seven kilometres in Delhi’s Sultanpuri area. Police claim that the victim was not alone on a scooty when the incident occurred. The cops have made a sensational revelation in the case.

“When we followed the deceased’s path, we discovered that she wasn’t travelling alone on her scooter. As caught by the CC TV cameras, she was with a girl when the accident happened. She was hurt and tried to flee the scene, but the deceased’s legs stuck in the automobile because of which she was dragged by the car upto 7 km, according to the police.

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