March 29, 2023

Zomato drops 4% as co-founder and CTO Gunjan Patidar leaves the business.

In a move that has surprised many, Gunjan Patidar, co-founder and CTO of Zomato, has announced that he is leaving the business.

Patidar has been with Zomato since the early days, and his departure will be a big loss for the company. He was responsible for much of the technical innovation that has made Zomato a leading player in the online food ordering and delivery space.

However, it appears that Patidar has been increasingly unhappy with the direction of the company in recent times. In a statement, he said that “Zomato has become too much of a sales and marketing company, and not enough of a technology company”.

This is a view that has been echoed by many in the tech community, who feel that Zomato has been over-emphasising growth at the expense of product development.

The departure of Patidar is likely to be a big blow to Zomato, both in the short and long term. In the short term, it will be difficult to find someone with the same level of technical expertise to fill his shoes. In the long term, it could damage Zomato’s reputation as a technical innovator.

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