March 31, 2023

Intel releases sixteen new 13th Generation Core desktop processors with locks.

Intel has released sixteen new 13th Generation Core desktop processors with locks. The new processors include the Intel Core i9-11900K, the Intel Core i9-11950K, the Intel Core i9-11900, the Intel Core i9-11950, the Intel Core i7-11700K, the Intel Core i7-11700, the Intel Core i5-11600K, the Intel Core i5-11600, the Intel Core i5-11500, the Intel Core i5-11400, the Intel Core i3-11100, the Intel Core i3-11100T, the Intel Pentium G11600, the Intel Pentium G11600T, and the Intel Celeron G5900.

Intel has launched a plethora of new desktop processor models as part of its 13th Gen line-up. There are also sixteen new locked models, six of which are low-power variants for OEMs. The company’s K-Series processors join the existing six unlocked K-series models.

The Core i9-13900 is the top of the ten basic variants; it retains the 13900K’s core and thread count but lowers all clock speeds, with boost clocks dropping by up to 200MHz.

The base clocks are likewise lower, resulting in a lower 65W base power, despite the fact that the boost power is only down by 34W to 219W. Even with strong cooling, operating at maximum turbo speeds still requires it.

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