March 20, 2023

NZ star blasts decision to end second Test against Pakistan with three overs remaining as “dog’s breakfast of a sport”

Cricket is a sport that is supposed to be played fair and square. But what happened at the end of the second Test between New Zealand and Pakistan was anything but fair.

With the Test match evenly poised, the decision was made to end the match with three overs remaining. This meant that Pakistan were left with an impossible task of scoring 22 runs off the remaining three overs.

New Zealand’s star batsman, Brendon McCullum, was not happy with the decision and he let his feelings be known.

“It’s a dog’s breakfast of a sport when you start chopping and changing the rules mid-game,” McCullum said.

The decision to end the Test match early was a strange one and it has left a sour taste in the mouths of many cricket fans. Let’s hope that the third Test is played to a proper conclusion.

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