March 20, 2023

Can you write on a banknote to make it invalid? Government replies to a statement that has gone viral

The government has responded to a statement that has gone viral on social media. The statement claimed that writing on a banknote can make it invalid.

The government has clarified that writing on a banknote does not make it invalid. However, defacing a banknote is an offence under the Currency Act 1965.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has also confirmed that writing on a banknote does not affect its legal tender status.

This means that you can write on a banknote, but you may be liable for an offence if you deface it.

The Union government has clarified that scribbling on a bank note does not mean it is no longer legal tender. The clarification came in response to a viral message which stated that the Reserve Bank of India has released new guidelines, under which writing on a note renders it invalid.

Bank notes with scribbling are not invalid and continue to be legal tender, says the government. The government has also appealed to citizens to refrain from writing on a currency note, as doing so defaces it and decreases its life shell. Does writing on the bank note make it invalid? NO, tweeted the fact-checking handle of the Press Information Bureau (PIB).

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