March 29, 2023

From Prince Harry’s interview, shocking details about Princess Diana, William, and Meghan

In a recent interview, Prince Harry made some stunning revelations about his late mother, Princess Diana, and his brother, Prince William. He also opened up about his own relationship with Meghan Markle.

Harry revealed that he and William have “good days and bad days” in their relationship, but that they are working on rebuilding their bond. He also said that he was “angry” with William for not supporting him during his relationship with Meghan.

The prince also spoke about his mother’s relationship with the media, and how she was hounded by paparazzi. He said that she was “a total legend” for how she handled the pressure, but that it ultimately took a toll on her mental health.

Harry’s interview was incredibly candid, and it’s sure to cause a stir within the royal family. It’s clear that he still has a lot of love for his family, but he’s also not afraid to speak his mind.

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