March 31, 2023

After a bomb threat, nothing untoward was discovered on the flight from Moscow to Goa.


Phew! What a relief!

After a bomb threat was called in for our flight from Moscow to Goa, the whole plane was searched from top to bottom. Baggage was pulled out and inspected, every nook and cranny was checked, but thankfully nothing untoward was discovered.

It was a tense few hours, but we’re all just glad that everything turned out okay in the end.

Bomb scare on a Moscow-Goa flight that was diverted to Gujarat’s Jamnagar airport. The flight is expected to leave for Goa by 11am, news agency ANI said. All bags had been thoroughly checked and no threats found, an airport official said.

The airport was cordoned off by security agencies for nine hours after the plane came down near a railway line in Rajasthan’s Jalandhar region.

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