March 29, 2023

Cracks appear on homes in Karnaprayag, Uttarakhand, amid the Joshimath crisis.

Joshimath crisis

The Joshimath crisis in Uttarakhand has led to cracks appearing on homes in Karnaprayag. The video below shows the cracks that have appeared on the walls of some of the homes.

Fresh cracks have formed on some homes in Bahuguna Nagar in Karnaprayag Municipality in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand as the panic caused by the Joshimath land collapse looms big. A video from the news organisation ANI shows several cracks in nearby residences.

Saurabh Bahuguna, a Sitarganj MLA, had earlier on Monday reported that other villages close to Joshimath are experiencing similar subsidence. In Joshimath, efforts are being made to help the afflicted individuals get back on their feet. We guarantee the security of Joshimath’s residents. I’ve been contacted by people whose communities close to Joshimath are experiencing the same problems. According to ANI, the chief minister would receive a briefing on the subject from the Sitarganj MLA.

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