March 29, 2023

Today in Joshimath, among the structures being razed are two hotels.


Today in Joshimath, two hotels are being demolished. This is part of the city’s effort to revitalize the area and make it more appealing to tourists. The two hotels being torn down are the Hotel Grand and the Hotel Excelsior.

Demolition of two hotels and several houses affected by subsidence will take place today in Joshimath, Uttarakhand. Malari Inn will be the first to be demolished and that it will be brought down in a ‘step-wise’ process. The area has developed cracks due to land subsidence.

Malari Inn, the smaller of the two hotels, will be taken down one step at a time today. The top piece will be destroyed first. Because of the sinking, both hotels have tipped as they are built quite near to one another.

“There are numerous residences nearby, thus their demolition is imperative. These two could fall apart if they go any lower. professionals made the decision to destroy.”

The two hotels can be seen tipping dangerously in the photos.

Images provided by ANI show demolition and disaster response workers stationed at the scene and requesting people to leave using loudspeakers.

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