March 27, 2023

How the Air Force assisted in the bomb scare involving the Russian airliner (“All’s well that ends well”)

Air Force

The Air Force assisted in the bomb scare involving the Russian airliner. They were able to quickly assess the situation and provide the necessary support to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. All’s well that ends well.

This week, a bomb threat involving a Russian airline that runs flights between Moscow and Goa (Dabolim) forced officials to ground the plane in the middle of the journey at Jamnagar Airport in Gujarat and conduct an almost 10-hour search of the plane, the 244 passengers inside, and their luggage. All’s well that ends well, the IAF posted a video of Azur Air flight 2401 leaving for Goa after receiving clearance.

The Air Force coordinated with ground personnel and special forces, including explosives specialists from the elite National Security Guard who were flown in on IAF jets to conduct tests, as is standard procedure in such a case.

The fact that all of this was accomplished in a mere 50 minute reaction time highlights how quickly and effectively the Indian Air Force works.

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