March 27, 2023

According to a report, Apple could produce the first touchscreen OLED MacBook Pro in 2025.


Apple is reportedly working on a new type of MacBook Pro that would feature a touchscreen OLED display. The device is still in the early stages of development and is not expected to be released until 2025.

This would be a major change for the MacBook Pro, which has traditionally used a LCD display. OLED displays offer a number of advantages over LCDs, including better contrast, faster response times, and lower power consumption.

Touchscreen support would also be a new feature for the MacBook Pro. Apple has been increasingly incorporating touch input into its Mac lineup, with the latest iMac and MacBook Air both featuring touch-enabled displays.

If the reports are accurate, the 2025 MacBook Pro could be a very different beast from the current model. It remains to be seen whether Apple will be able to successfully pull off such a radical redesign.

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