March 20, 2023

Locals in Joshimath are on edge about the relocation, and the CM is holding a key meeting.


The Joshimath crisis was discussed at a cabinet meeting on Friday by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami, which was held in the wake of widespread media coverage of the town’s ground subsidence. 99 households have moved over the past week after the town’s more than 500 homes experienced cracking. The Chief Minister stated during a conference that “we have so far relocated 99 households from Joshimath and compensation of 1.5 lakh has been paid. “The survey team is already on site, so we haven’t yet demolished any homes. We are currently assessing the need for rehabilitation and making important decisions for the future “He emphasised further. This week, as news of the need to demolish the endangered structures spread, there were demonstrations throughout the community. In addition to thousands of houses, two large hotels are demolished.

Since last week, the Chief Minister has convened a number of significant gatherings to discuss the Joshimath situation amid growing anxieties. He has also made two trips to the town, where he met some of the impacted residents. The central government has also been monitoring the development.

According to satellite photographs made public by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the Himalayan village sunk quickly—5.4 cm in just 12 days. This may have been brought on by a recent ground subsidence occurrence.

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