March 29, 2023

Despite a forecast of -4 degrees for North India, one agency claims that Delhi won’t see subzero temperatures.


After a weather expert projected that temperatures in the plains of North India may drop as low as minus 4 degrees Celsius next week, SkyMet weather, a private weather forecast service provider, stated Delhi won’t get below zero. “There are speculations circulating in publications and on TV about #Delhi’s lowest temperature dropping below zero. This is a false prediction, probably made to garner attention. Please refrain from believing such unfounded rumours. Current WD (Western Disturbances) are dissipating, “Tweeted by SkyMet weather.

The weather won’t drop below 0 degrees anywhere, according to the service, while Delhi may experience a lowest temperature of 3 to 4 degrees between January 16 and 18 and scattered areas of the country may see a minimum of around 2.

According to the India Meteorological Department, the national capital’s minimum temperature on Saturday morning was 10.2 degrees Celsius, which is three degrees more than the season’s normal (IMD). A “partly cloudy sky” is also expected during the day, according to the weather service. 21 degrees Celsius is predicted to be the highest temperature. The agency warned that Sikar and Churu in Rajasthan could experience subzero minimum temperatures after the national capital experienced an almost unheard-of cold snap in the first few days of January.

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