March 20, 2023

In a draught letter, the Center disputes the premise that the NTPC tunnelling caused Joshimath subsidence.


Environmentalists and geologists have disputed claims made by the Centre that land subsidence in the area may have been brought on by tunnelling for the 520 MW Tapovan Vishnugad hydropower project being built by the National Thermal Power Corporation in Joshimath, Uttarakhand.

The NTPC tunnel does not pass beneath the town, according to a letter the Union power ministry prepared to be sent to the government of Uttarakhand, and the main causes of subsidence appear to be subsurface seepage erosion brought on by natural drainage, sporadic heavy rainfall, periodic seismic activity, and increased construction activity.

A copy of the draught letter has been seen by HT.

The correspondence has not yet been sent. Yes, we have drafted a letter; however, we will first share it with the home ministry before sending it to the Uttarakhand government, according to a senior official in the electricity ministry who asked to remain anonymous.

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