March 27, 2023

Russian military declares victory in Soledar in the conflict for the salt mine town.

Russian military

After a protracted battle, the Russian military claims to have taken control of the Ukrainian salt-mine town of Soledar.

According to a statement released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Friday, “the seizure of Soledar was made possible by the sustained bombardment of the enemy by attack and army aviation, missile forces, and artillery of a grouping of Russian forces.” Officials from Ukraine said that the battle for Soledar was still ongoing and charged Russia of spreading “information noise.”

According to a statement reported by the BBC, the win would enable Russian troops to advance to the nearby city of Bakhmut and cut off the Ukrainian forces there.

One of the bloodiest battles of the conflict was the one for Soledar.

With a pre-war population of only 10,000, the town is quite small, and its strategic importance is up for debate. But if it is determined that Russian soldiers have taken possession of it, the Kremlin would probably breathe a sigh of relief, according to the BBC.

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