March 29, 2023

BJP’s goal of winning all 9 assembly elections this year, and the most recent information

According to participants in the discussions on Day 1 of the two-day BJP national executive meeting, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President JP Nadda urged party cadre to exert every effort in preparation for the state elections scheduled for 2023 and set the goal of winning all nine assembly elections.

Road accident in 2014: Victim’s family received Rs 21.16 lakh in compensation.

The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal has granted his family compensation in the amount of 21.16 lakh rupees, nearly nine years after a Hoshiarpur man lost his life in a traffic accident.

People are “clad like cabbage” and the temperature in the coldest city in the world is -50.

The Yakutsk area of Russia, which lies in Siberia and is considered as the coldest place on earth, had temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius this week. The mining city, which is 5,000 kilometres east of Moscow, frequently experiences temperatures well below minus 40.

PV Sindhu maintains her smile despite the coach’s furious outburst, the Marin loss, and the injury layoff.

PV Sindhu approaches the India Open pre-tournament press conference with a broad smile on her face and a radiant sense of optimism. The star shuttler is open to challenging inquiries, of which there are, to be fair, many. She even pauses to accept requests for selfies, her smile remaining constant the entire time.

Chandan Roy of Panchayat claims to have had a plan for becoming an actor: “Everything fell into place”

Chandan Roy may not have a particularly well-known name, but we all recognise his visage. The Bihar-born actor, who most recently appeared as a broker in TVF Pitchers season 2, plays Vikas, Jeetendra Sharma’s assistant, in the popular online series Panchayat.

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