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A video from Gwalior depicts a man kissing another person’s foot amid the Sidhi urination case: Saying “Golu Gurjar baap hai”



Controversial Video from Gwalior Highlights Deepening Social Divide Amid Sidhi Urination Case

Social media has become a powerful tool for capturing and disseminating videos that often spark discussions and controversies. In a recent incident, a video from Gwalior went viral, showing a man kissing another person’s foot while stating, “Golu Gurjar is the father.” This incident comes in the wake of the Sidhi urination case, further exposing the deepening social divide and the need for constructive dialogue to bridge gaps in society.

The Sidhi urination case, which gained significant attention, involves an alleged incident where a Dalit man was reportedly forced to drink urine by upper-caste individuals. The incident brought to the forefront long-standing caste-based discrimination and atrocities that continue to plague Indian society. The subsequent viral video from Gwalior adds another layer of complexity to the social tensions surrounding the case.

The act of kissing another person’s foot and the statement, “Golu Gurjar is the father,” carries symbolic weight. While the intention and context of the act may vary, it appears to be an act of submissiveness or submission to an individual named Golu Gurjar. The provocative nature of the video and the accompanying statement further fuel tensions and deepen societal divides.

The viral video from Gwalior reflects the deepening social divide and existing fault lines within society. Such incidents highlight the polarization and animosity that can emerge in the face of caste-based discrimination and violence. The video serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address these systemic issues and foster inclusive dialogue that promotes understanding and empathy.


Social media platforms have the power to amplify both positive and negative aspects of society. While they can facilitate information sharing and promote social causes, they can also be used to spread hate, incite violence, and deepen divisions. The viral video from Gwalior exemplifies the potential dangers of the misuse of social media platforms and the responsibility that comes with their usage.

Incidents like the one captured in the viral video underscore the necessity of constructive dialogue to bridge gaps in society. Open and respectful conversations that promote empathy, understanding, and awareness are crucial in dismantling deep-rooted biases and promoting social harmony. It is only through such dialogue that meaningful change can be initiated and sustained.

The Sidhi urination case and the viral video from Gwalior should serve as catalysts for action toward achieving equality and social justice. These incidents shed light on the urgent need to address caste-based discrimination, promote inclusivity, and ensure the protection of marginalized communities. Collective efforts from individuals, communities, and institutions are required to challenge discriminatory practices and work towards a more equitable society.

The viral video from Gwalior, capturing a man kissing another person’s foot while making a provocative statement, serves as a stark reminder of the deepening social divide and the need for constructive dialogue. The incident, occurring amid the Sidhi urination case, underscores the urgent need to address caste-based discrimination and foster social justice. It is through open dialogue, empathy, and collective action that we can hope to bridge societal divides and build a more inclusive and equitable future.

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